Village Center Redevelopment Plan

In 2023, the Town adopted the Village Center Redevelopment Plan.  This plan was a replacement for the Village Center Master Plan completed in 2015.  The redevelopment plan offers developers and property owners better opporutnity to work with the Town of Carefree to continue the creation of a premier commercial and residential mixed-use, experienced based, small town pedestrian environment.  

Vision Statement

Carefree’s Village Center is the heart of a forward-thinking community that is also a regional magnet for activity. Entry to the Village Center is distinct and beckons visitors and locals alike to wander and discover new goods, services and entertainment within. A diverse mix of specialty shops, art, and dining opportunities leverage the unique design and natural setting of the Village Center to thrive and prosper. Selected cultural amenities and exceptional annual events showcase the authentic character of the community and attract new residents who choose to live in the Village Center and enjoy the true “Carefree” lifestyle.

Plan for Action

Objective 1 - Improve the Village Center's visibility and access.

Objective 2 - Foster development of a strong retail, residential, entertainment, and service core in the Village Center. 

Objective 3 - Enhance the Village Center experience. 

Objective 4 - Market and promote the Village Center.

Objective 5 - Develop a strong organizational structure.


View the Executive Summary: Carefree Village Center Redevelopment Plan Executive Summary

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